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About Us

IN the last decade, Room Remedy's projects have varied in size from a simple paint-to–sell colour consultation to a total home de-clutter and furniture re-arrangement.
ROOM REMEDY has done numerous complete stagings of vacant homes. Where necessary the Home Stagers have brought in furnishings, accessories and artwork from Room Remedy's tasteful inventory and that of their rental partners.

THE best interest of the home owner is always taken into account as the Room Remedy Home Stagers look at a home with the objective eye of experienced, trained professionals. Each home is treated as a unique project and the Stagers pride themselves on their ability to creatively transform a home through the art and science of home staging.
ROOM REMEDY Home Stagers stage each home with the demographic of the neighbourhood and the lifestyle of the potential buyers in mind. Above all, their goals are to have the client's home stand out from the competition and to captivate potential buyers.​

IN 2022, Room Remedy celebrated it's 20 year anniversary and today the Room Remedy Home Stagers continue to do whatever it takes to reveal their clients home's true selling potential!

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